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Our Mission

We are here to give you the most reliable answers to the questions – How much? How fast? How good? 

We have been reviewing vehicles for over 6 years, with our knowledge and experience we are guaranteed to supply our honest opinion on what these new vehicles have to offer. We provide visual representation to our vehicles to really immerse the reader and provided them the information to come to there own conclusion. We hold nothing back when the BMW fanboy may be upset his performance numbers don’t one-up the Mercedes competition, and conversely enjoys that safety numbers favor the BMW interior design. We just hope all our readers can appreciate our transparency and objectivity. We will be giving our opinion, FULL THROTTLE.     

Ian Harwood

~ Owner ~ Journalist ~ Editor ~ 

“With over 30 years in the automotive industry, the one thing I can say about it is: You never know what’s next.” 

Andrew Harwood

~ Owner ~ Journalist `~ Media Creator ~

“The ever growing industry of automotive has me excited for what is next.” 

Samantha Harwood

~ Journalist ~ Videographer ~

“Growing up around vehicles all my life, I have a passion and appreciation for everything on the road and off of it.”

Kenzie Carroll

~ Videographer ~ Photographer ~ 

“I have a creative vision for vehicles and producing video content.”